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The Challenge
Diabetes presents unique challenges to those effected and to the health professionals who serve them. And because of those challenges, things aren't going very well for most people who live with diabetes. The average level of blood sugar control worldwide is far above desirable levels. And, perhaps worse, many of those affected by diabetes are puzzled, frustrated, and burned out by the burden of caring for this disease in the same old ways.

The professionals at Diabetes Management and Training Centers, Inc. (DMTC) want to team up with you to change that rather dismal situation. Whether you are a person with diabetes or a professional working in the field, DMTC can help. Select one of the buttons on the left to view what we have to make YOUR life with diabetes less frustrating and more productive.

Clinical skills and the latest tools and medicines are important and at DMTC we teach and use the best. But successful diabetes management demands more than clinical skill and information. That is why we always teach clinical topics within a system of care shown to improve medical, financial, and quality of life outcomes. Our unique, practical and compelling programs recognize that diabetes is not a set of facts to be memorized or a list of rules to be followed. It is a lived experience. Experience the best of today's patient-centered diabetes management and education through our programs and publications.

DMTC Mission Statement
To improve the lives of people with diabetes by training patients and providers in an integrated system of patient-centered chronic disease management in order to achieve clinically and financially effective diabetes care.

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